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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tango in Ystad: a dream that became true

A bit of history. Our perspective. Planning the future

The starting
Ystad tango was born not really in Ystad,  but in Abbekås in October 2008.
There we met for first time, following the dream of a tango enthusiast, Helga Sigurðardóttir.
She invited me to bring some tango to the south of Sweden, without knowing we were starting a long-term tango friendship, and we both together were creating an opportunity not only for learning and dancing tango, but for meeting new friends as well.
Our first location was Gamla Skolan. With Helga and a small group of tango enthusiasts from Abbekås, Skurup and Ystad,  we organized the first courses, and some tango practicas.
We continued there until 2011.

A new venue
Then, inspired by Åsa Nilsson, we decided to move to Ystad, where we found Lankasterskolan as venue for tango activities.
We started there in September 2011.
Helga and Åsa, and many other friends and students helped to promote the courses, as well as the newspaper Ystads Allehanda.

Growing up
Soon, we started with two courses, Begginers and Intermediate-advanced.
During these last three years we organized several practicas on saturdays at Lankasterskolan, and some special milongas at Börje Lindberg´s atelier. Börje, a famous artist in Skåne, kindly opened his atelier to start a friendly tango meeting on sundays. 
It was time to create an small association to help with the promotion of tango in the area. Tango Ystad before, and then Ystads Tangoklubb were born.
Ystads Tangoklubb, tango association, is the promotor of the current classes, courses, and practicas.

Our philosophy
From an open minded vision about tango, we value all the dance styles, all periods and orchestras and also the new development about "tango nuevo" music.
Ystads tangoklubb promotes the idea of integration  among all tango groups, all tango associations, by visiting  other events, by helping with the promotion of all tango groups activities in the area.
Ystads Tangoklubb´s perspective of tango, and mine as tango teacher, largely includes  its social and popular dimension.
In our friendly environment everybody dances. All are welcome, begginers and experienced.
Our philosophy values everyone´s passion for tango, and not hierarchies in any way, neither the level of dancing.

Looking to the future
We´ll continue spreading tango in the area, cooperating with tango groups, and organizing practicas, milongas and tango events.
Stay in tune through this blog to know about courses, tango excursions, and trips we are planning.
Through this site  as well, you will get to know about tango in whole Skåne, tips, and interesting tango-related information.
Welcome to the wonderful world of tango!
Marcela Troncoso
argentinean tango teacher, based in Malmö Sweden since 2004.

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